Diet Success Is In The Planning!

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So, I'm going to jump right in!...Oh ,it's warm!:)

News Flash!  YOU MUST PLAN!!!

I follow a Paleo Diet/Whole Food Diet.  You Will Not Find Dairy,Grains/Complex Carbs, Legumes, Added Sugars OR Processed Food.  I'm Not going to pick away at Paleo, today, I want it to happen Organically;)

For any diet to succeed, you must be 2-3 days ahead of the game with your food choices.  When your cupboards are bare, bad food choices happen.

Sundays are always a great day to grocery shop and cook and plan your menu.

Now, I am a very 1,2,3 kind of girl:
You Gotcha Good Fat.
You Gotcha Meat.
You Gotcha Veggie/Fruit.
You Done!

I'm not a recipe follower because lawd knows, I don't have that kind of time.  Another reason is, I personally, am fine with compartmentalizing food(the Gotchas).
I also believe, you start following recipes, you start kidding yourself on the end product... and its time consuming!  Keep it WAY simple...for now.

I always have 3 different proteins in the fridge, a lunch, a snack, and a dinner.

Lunch may be ground beast of some sort(Turkey, Bison, Chicken, etc.).

Snack maybe sliced beast of some sort( Turkey, Bison, Chicken,etc.).

Dinner is some beast I may have bought in bulk(Baked Chicken), Tilapia Fillets, Salmon...

Chopped Veggies ready to go, in the fridge!

One container for cooking.
Asparagus ,Squash, Bell Peppers, Broccoli.....

One container for salad toppers.

Kale and Spinach have so much nutritional value, that that is all I use for salads!
Cucumber, Bell Peppers, Carrot...

Make Your Own Dressing Always!
This way you get your absolutely perfect Good Fat (Olive) with NO added sugar(Red Wine Vinegar) or weird Gums or Disodium EDTA??  Barf, I'm not eating that @#$%!

Avocados Always!

Fruit Always, chopped or not!

I chop fruit up the night before each day, it doesn't look brown and crazy that way.

Nuts! Especially Walnuts and Cashews! NO PEANUTS!!!

Now, Breakfast....Will break that down next time!

Out the door looks like this.