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Eleven XI Gets 12 Stars for Paleo Made Easy

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What I want you to remember is that when ever you eat out, you are looking on the menu for  #1. your meat options, #2. vegetable options and #3. healthy fat options(hfo).  It might not be a single entree, but a collection of small plates.  Lets dig in!

First of all, it’s been a week since this meal and I CAN NOT stop thinking about how amazing the food was and how easy Chef  Kevin made it to stay true to ALL dietary convictions.

Starting with the appetizers:

Beef Tartare with two fried quail eggs was exceptional.  It comes with fries and toast points…that would be a No!  But if you want to make a meal out of it, substitute vegetable and EVOO to drizzle.


Halibut Cheek Heirloom tomato pico was absolute heaven.  It was a nice size  portion for sharing.  It was lightly breaded, so if going gluten free, beware, because it doesn’t say on the menu…So Always Ask!



Grilled Oysters, Akaushi(Japanese Wagu beef) Meat Balls, Steamed Mussels and XI RAW are all fine choice’s and I’m sure delicious.

On the Light Side, the 11:11 Salad is fine, No Goat cheese.  Seafood Salad is fine, No Bread.  Steak Pailllard Salad is fine, No Yukon Potato’s or Gorgonzola Cheese dressing.  Opt for a cleaner vinaigrette.  No! to the Smoked Tomato soup, it has diary.  And, if you care enough to give the very best.. NO Pozole,  it has corn.

Ok, now for the moment I’ve been waiting for, the Main Dish!

I had the Texas “turducken”, and oh my god, it has ruined me for all other state turduckens!  Braised pork shank stuffed with Jalapeño, wrapped in bacon and stuffed inside a deboned Texas Quail..I’m weak.  Now, it is  “Flash fried” which means that Texas bird was only in the oil for a New York minute.  I deleted the heirloom tomato cream corn (double whammy) and substituted a side of grilled veggies.  Perfection!


My oh so willing “Primal”(includes dairy in his diet) companion had the Stuffed Redfish Filet..Fabulous!   Just be aware there is cream in the stuffing mix!

IMG_1497Most of the rest of the main dishes are good to go, it’s usually the side dish that is the bad guy.  Filet Mignon is great but  you can make a better choice than the green beans and mushroom salad, especially if getting full and staying full with out the discomfort is your goal.  Grilled asparagus, grilled Vegetables are great and filling.  Also, what I love is all the great add ons for some additional bucks, Duck eggs, bacon, shrimp, crab meat, the list goes on.

Being a chef driven, seasonally and locally sourced menu, 11:11 will be changing its menu as it officially becomes Fall.  On the chance that Turducken doesn’t make the cut, you better run, don’t walk!! your Paleo foodie butts to 11:11 ASAP.

On an end note, our super knowledgable waiter josh assured us that you are never “locked into” a meal as is and that the chef has been known to create dishes on the fly, to accommodate special needs diets.

There is a restaurant or two that touts they are Paleo, when all they are doing is “Paleoizing” junk and creating boring “healthy” dishes.  Chef Kevin doesn’t talk about it, he IS about it.   His fresh and creative meals are amazing!

713-529-5881   607 W.Gray


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