May 2, 2013 Off

I’m Baacck

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I Am So Flipping Excited Right now!!

Well, let me start with saying that my week was not going so great.  I was feeling a bit over trained, not sleeping well and my diet was a little off, because,well, because it was just off.
So I got back on track last night, by not going to the gym and going to the grocery store instead.
Looking at all that Whole Food makes this girl giddy!

I also went to bed early, BECAUSE!!! I had my first Personal Training client in 2 years!  
It was a great session..I still got it!!   

So, due to my slump in energy, I failed to produce a Wednesday post.  I Will be consistent with my posts.  Sundays, I'll be feeding your Super Souls and on Wednesday it will be Diet and or Fitness.

So, even Sporty Spice can fall off emotionally,mentally and Physically.  Having a diet that supports all of these factors has been my saving grace.  And if you think your diet doesn't effect all these aspects of your life, you'd be wrong!