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I have GOT to go back to school for Psychology!

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If you do not have Dr. Brene Brown on your radar for living your best life, Well that's a terrible shame! 
Her greatest work has been studying shame and vulnerability and how both mold our existence.

Shame is correlated with Addiction, Eating Disorders and Depression!

The difference between Shame and Guilt, is the way we talk to our selves and the words we chose.
Example, Your on a "Diet" and you go out and you eat/drink everything in site.  
The next day you have party post- mortem. 

"I have no will power, I'm always going to be fat, I'll never be able to stick to a diet,Whats the use...Forget it!"  This talk focuses on you as a person...Shame.

Instead of..."That was a stupid idea, I'm am making progress, this will take time, i love myself, back on track today!"  This talk focuses on the behavior not you.

I have been practicing taking myself from a place of shame over relationships,eating properly, working out and just plane existing, by focusing on up lifting self talk AND, BELIEVING what I'm saying to myself.
Think of talking to yourself as you would someone you love, your best friend, your kids, your pets.
"you made a mistake...I love You..lets get through this.." 

If you are stuck in life read books by people that will lift your spirit...move you forward...and redirect or give your life direction.

This book has always been a go to for me.
And,Of course Any Book By Dr.Brene Brown, New York Times Best-Selling Author.

Have a great Monday!  Talk nice to yourself, and others.  Make The decision to live your life in happiness... You are loved!