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Paleo, more than just Bacon

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I had the most amazing dental experience at Price Dental in Memorial.  I just completed my Transformational Nutrition Certification.  It has taught me to take better care of all of me.  I am working everyday to be mindful and present in all situations.

I was really dreading going to the dentist for a crown replacement and god knows what else they would find.  I was worried about the pain, I was worried about the cost and I was worried about having a ROOT CANAL!  My fear of the unknown, I’ve learned, throws  me into an aggressive and somewhat antisocial person.   I wasn’t confident that the dentist knew what he was doing or would maybe do more to me than was necessary.  Dr. Price came in and kinda just started “getting to work”.  This got my old patterns of fear and judgmental behavior going.  “So, what are we doing to me exactly?” I asked.  And he explained…and I was still fearful and judgmental.  I decided to stop my old patterns right then and there and ask some questions.  I said I was filled with a little anxiety(understatement) and “what exactly is a root canal anyway??”  I realized I was in this negative place and saw an opportunity to heal myself.  I softened and leaned into him, eye to eye and really listened…He leaned into me and really showed me he cared about me,  and that I was safe.  All of a sudden this veil was lifted.  Until you step back and see your comfort habits or triggers for handling stress , you can’t change them.  It is a moment by moment of self examination.  My 40 year old habits of fear and judgement were floating away.  He offered me laughing gas…I said “is it FREE??” …and it was.  I asked what it does, he explained I’d feel as relaxed as having a glass of wine or 2.  I realized, I don’t drink enough wine…I felt great!!  My body relaxed and I knew I was in the hands of someone that loved me.  He could have pulled every tooth from my head and it would have been fine.  I needed to be seen and heard.   I had just broken through a big limiting factor in my life and you know where that power came from?  Eating Real whole foods!  I have noticed over this past year, that my hunger to be authentic and open to change, applying the tools to change and being genuinely happy have stemmed from my change in eating habits and food choices.  Of course, my Transformational Nutrition Course has changed me profoundly and set me on the course to help others change their directions, too.


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