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Cafe Express

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cafe express

I love this place because of their awesome condiments bar.

Remember, when you go into a restaurant, you want to find a meal or a combination of little meals where you have Meat, Vegetables and a Healthy Fat Option(HFO) displayed in a clean(no sauce no fry) manor.

This can be a tough one here at Cafe Express, because its such a soup and sandwich-y type of restaurant.  So, I’ll start there, NO Soup and Sandwiches!!

Lets see,…What’s left?  Ah yes, Salads!

cafe express

Okay, so with the salads, 1-6 on the menu(add meat to the veggie salad) are all fine.  However, NO cheese, NO dressing, No croutons, NO glazed nuts.  And NO to the Spinach and Penne Pasta, Grilled Chicken and Pasta Pesto Deli and Caesar Salads.  If you can afford it, order extra meat, Add Shrimp, Grilled Chicken or Salmon.

There are tons of flavor options on the Condiment bar.  Vinegars(NOT Balsamic), EVOO, Pickles, Jalapeños, Banana Peppers and Capers, so load up on those!

Okay!  Lets just skip on past any of the MEAL COMBOS, SANDWICHES, PASTAS, GOURMET BURGERS(are you still reading…?), and come to a stop at the Grilled & Roasted Entrees!!  Mediterranean Salmon, sans the bread.  Go ahead and keep the sauce, that will be your HFO.  Roasted Half Chicken, double/triple down on the veggies and skip the mash.  Grilled Chicken & Vegetables..No fuss, No muss, No changes.  Skip the rest, to much picking it apart.

Side options.  Steamed Broccoli, Mushrooms and Leaf Spinach and Roasted Brussels Sprouts.  EASY on the butter or ask for steamed ONLY… because you have a heart condition;)  But, the butter can be your HFO, I just don’t want your veggies doing the backstroke in the stuff.

I’m not going to tackle the breakfast options, but I do want to say this:

Do Not Start your day with Fruit, Yogurt or Bread… Period.

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