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The non-food diet

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The Non food diet.  5 Reason you can’t lose the weight

As I reflect on all the diets I’ve been on through my 40 plus years…with age does come wisdom, and something has become quite clear to me.  You can put all the right foods in your mouth, but if you expect to see the results you want, you have got to have the other areas in your life in check as well or it is all for not!  I am talking about 1. sleep, 2. stress levels, 3. spirituality, 4. positive talk/motivation  5. water intake.



Sleep: Most of us are unaware that poor sleep quality is linked to weight gain, diabetes, memory loss, depression, and even cancer. The Shawn Stevenson Model.  If I don’t sleep well that can equate to higher numbers on the scale just from foods not metabolizing well and that comes from a resting body.  Your stomach empties into your gut on your left side, so if your tummy ever feels upset or you just want to help the digestion process out a bit, get comfy on your left side.  Plus, tired skin is old looking skin


Stress: Cortisol has been termed the “stress hormone” because excess cortisol is secreted during times of physical or psychological stress, and the normal pattern of cortisol secretion (with levels highest in the early morning and lowest at night) can be altered. This disruption of cortisol secretion may not only promote weight gain, but it can also affect where you put on the weight. Some studies have shown that stress and elevated cortisol tend to cause fat deposition in the abdominal area rather than in the hips. This fat deposition has been referred to as “toxic fat” since abdominal fat deposition is strongly correlated with the development of cardiovascular disease including heart attacks and strokes.


Spirituality: “My name is Adrienne Daly and I pray to God.”  Creating space in my life for space has been life changing.

“ Take up your spiritual arms and move swift into the night, awakening one and all to the magic that is life itself.” https://www.facebook.com/DoreenVirtue444  Whoa, that just gets me fired up, what a visual!

Take a few minutes each morning, literally set the timer on your phone so you aren’t stressing on the time you don’t have, and be grateful for the people in your life and the lessons you are learning from the not so great things happening in your life, also.

Appreciate everything life sends your way, whether good or bad and know that “Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.” ~ Melody Beattie


Positive/Motivational daily words:  I’ve heard it said by many of todays thought leaders that we are a reflection of the top 5 people that we surround ourselves with.  Wow, Ok!  Who are my people and are they moving me forward?!  There was a time in my life where my top 5 were not so desirable and as I say that, I know that I have not always been someone else’s most desirable influence.  I am truly fortunate now that my plus 5 are moving me forward and loving.  But, if you don’t have uplifting, “pro-you” people in your life, create them!  #1 Podcasts.  Podcasts are talk shows on the go.  Whether you are interested in fitness and nutrition to fixing cars, there is a show for you.  It is smart upbeat people talking about and interviewing the experts in what ever interests you.  Just go to http://www.itunescharts.net/us/charts/podcasts/   I start my day with podcasts rather than TV or radio and it motivates me to be better and to stay on course…always!  #2 READ!  I do this to prep for meditation and to end my day.  For me, it’s always non-fiction, spiritual or,  “my industry” related reading.  #3 Super Soul Sunday… Oprah!!!  She is one of my favorite thought leaders and her sunday show interviews the rest of the best. https://www.facebook.com/SuperSoulSunday?ref=ts&fref=ts


Drink Water!  And I mean drink water!!  I start my day with a warm glass of spring water with lemon.  Warm water because it feels nice in the morning, it cleans the pipes as it moves through me, and it sets the tone for the drinking of water throughout the day.  If you want great skin, shed pounds, have tons of energy and relieve constipation…water!   My skin is better looking and feeling at 45 than it has ever been, and I never get tired of hearing that.  I get a gallon in on most days. If you drink at this level and are eating a clean diet, add a little extra Real salt to your food so your electrolytes don’t get out of whack.  And, for good measure, end your day with a Sleepy-time Tea…it all ties in.



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