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Don’t Drink That Juice!

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As I stand in line at Starbucks looking at all the Bad choices one can make to start their day, the juices are what fly’s out at me the most!


This particular juice, boasting its “protein power”,  is enough to make me me want to run crazy through the store ripping off the lids and pouring out all the toxic chemicals in the name of all that is “healthy and nutritious”!  First off, their are two servings in this little bottle and unless you are climbing Mount Everest as your day job, their is no way your tiny pancreas can handle the SIXTY-FOUR grams of sugar that is coming its way.  Fortunately for us, their is no added sugar :()!!!  Even if I did condone the drinking of milk as your protein source, it isn’t even organic, but, it is Flash Pasteurized..what does that even mean?

I’ve notice that in general, we are seduced by healthy phrases, “cold Pressed” , “never heated”, “raw”, “100% juice”, “gluten free”

How about 100% SUGAR!  People!!  Sugar is bad.  Fruit Sugar is Bad.  Starting your day with sugar is Bad!



Again here with the Sugar, the sub par milk(meaning, who knows where it came from) and the cheap filler, soy isolate which is GMO’d and if it wasn’t GMO they would proudly slapped that all over the bottle, because that would indicate that it was “healthy”:()

Oh!… Here is one more for you, excess Protein is broken down in the body into…wait for it.. Sugar!!!  AND then stored as fat!

So,  If you want to have a shake in the morning, and forgo the processed sugar fest, make your own Healthy Veggie Protein drink.

Make it at night so you can grab and go(you’ll feel like your at Starbs) or give yourself 10 extra minutes in the morn(if you are like me, you will make to much and have to stand there and drink before the lid can go on!)

I like this one>

2 kale leaves(equals 2 cups)

1 raw egg or hard boiled

1 small avocado

(can add Paleo Protein if you like)

water and little ice

Dash Sweet leaf Stevia or big squeeze of lime

Big dash cinnamon

I hope you found this helpful!



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