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Giacomo’s…Paleo on all fronts!

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Giacomo’s has all fronts covered when it comes to Paleo Lifestyle.  Before  you even order you have an over whelming sense that you are cared for with statements like:

                           gf – gluten free           gf* – can be prepared gluten free          nuts – contains nuts 

we prepare everything from scratch, using all natural and top quality ingredients, many of them organic & locally sourced ● our free range eggs from local old dad farms ● our ground beef is from Texas Longhorn Land & Cattle Co. our pastured pork is from Black Hill Ranch ● we recycle all glass, cardboard, aluminum and plastic water served upon request by reducing water waste & washing chemical use, giacomo’s is protecting the environment – thank you for your cooperation & helping us do the right thing!  we are happy to accommodate dietary requests, but keep in mind that everything is prepared to order the “slow food” way, so special orders will take longer

Ordering Paleo doesn’t have to be stressful or, an outtake from When Harry Met Sally...

…”But I’d like the pie heated and I don’t want the ice cream on top I want it on the side and I’d like strawberry instead of vanilla if you have it if not then no ice cream just whipped cream but only if it’s real if it’s out of a can then nothing.” -Sally’s crazy ordering

When reading a menu with Paleo eyes,  you always want to find your  Meat options, your Vegetable options and your Healthy Fat options(HFO).  There might not be the perfect dish and you may have  to choose a combination of small dishes or a modified salad.  Keep your options clean, avoid complicated recipes, sauces and fried foods.

Let’s dig in!

We started with a variety of small dishes, like the antipasto di verdure (gf),  where you choose from a counter display of changing vegetable antipasti.  I love being able to hand select exactly what I want.   Then the insalata frutti di mare (gf)  poached shrimp and calamari, pickled fennel and sweet red pepper.  Your HFO comes in the form of  extra virgin olive oil(evoo) that covers all of the vegetables, and thats a good thing!   The food is amazingly delicious!


giac 1


Of course, now that I work with the Clegg family at Texas Longhorn Land and Cattle Co the polpetti puccini, slightly spicy texas longhorn beef & all natural local pork meatballs, fennel confit & tomato cream is a must have!  I asked for No cream in the sauce and they were happy to take it out.  Yum!


 The salsiccia di pollo (gf)  grilled homemade chicken sausage, frisée, arugula is delish, as is the ratatouille marti (gf*) roast ratatouille, free range fried egg.

All of the Secondi Main Course Protein are fine, just leave off any cheese, bread, beans and cream.  I got the 

porchetta e fagioli (gf*) Full or  half order (I suggest 1/2 order for man or woman)
slow roasted Berkshire pork butt aggressively seasoned with fennel, rosemary, garlic, pepper, with OUT cannellini beans stewed with tomato, garlic, extra virgin olive oil, sage.  My Bad, in my excitement I forgot to say No to the beans!



The Vegetable sides are amazing!   BUT!  Say No to the Beans, Potato and Polaenta.  And here are my thoughts on that.  Even if you are liberal (I am not) with your Paleo choices and you talk yourself into thinking that these items aren’t “that” bad for you..well, they are.  Adding Beans, Potatoes, Pasta,Polenta, etc., to already  rich restaurant foods is a carb over load, fat storing red zone.  One 1/2c of Cannellini Beans, 17gr Carbohydrate!  One 1/2c of Yukon potatoes, 26gr Carbohydrate…Yikes!!  So stick with the non starchy vegetables in Olive oil or butter and you will feel satisfied on less food.   Trade in the sugar food for the cavoletti con pancetta, brussel sprouts sautéed with pancetta, garlic, extra virgin olive oil,  and you just might have a Sally moment at the table!:)

I hope you found this to be helpful!  Paleo on!

3215 Westheimer Houston

Open: Tue – Sat 11:30a – 10:00p
Sun 5p – 9p  

Closed: Mon




Cafe Express

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cafe express

I love this place because of their awesome condiments bar.

Remember, when you go into a restaurant, you want to find a meal or a combination of little meals where you have Meat, Vegetables and a Healthy Fat Option(HFO) displayed in a clean(no sauce no fry) manor.

This can be a tough one here at Cafe Express, because its such a soup and sandwich-y type of restaurant.  So, I’ll start there, NO Soup and Sandwiches!!

Lets see,…What’s left?  Ah yes, Salads!

cafe express

Okay, so with the salads, 1-6 on the menu(add meat to the veggie salad) are all fine.  However, NO cheese, NO dressing, No croutons, NO glazed nuts.  And NO to the Spinach and Penne Pasta, Grilled Chicken and Pasta Pesto Deli and Caesar Salads.  If you can afford it, order extra meat, Add Shrimp, Grilled Chicken or Salmon.

There are tons of flavor options on the Condiment bar.  Vinegars(NOT Balsamic), EVOO, Pickles, Jalapeños, Banana Peppers and Capers, so load up on those!

Okay!  Lets just skip on past any of the MEAL COMBOS, SANDWICHES, PASTAS, GOURMET BURGERS(are you still reading…?), and come to a stop at the Grilled & Roasted Entrees!!  Mediterranean Salmon, sans the bread.  Go ahead and keep the sauce, that will be your HFO.  Roasted Half Chicken, double/triple down on the veggies and skip the mash.  Grilled Chicken & Vegetables..No fuss, No muss, No changes.  Skip the rest, to much picking it apart.

Side options.  Steamed Broccoli, Mushrooms and Leaf Spinach and Roasted Brussels Sprouts.  EASY on the butter or ask for steamed ONLY… because you have a heart condition;)  But, the butter can be your HFO, I just don’t want your veggies doing the backstroke in the stuff.

I’m not going to tackle the breakfast options, but I do want to say this:

Do Not Start your day with Fruit, Yogurt or Bread… Period.


Paleo, more than just Bacon

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I had the most amazing dental experience at Price Dental in Memorial.  I just completed my Transformational Nutrition Certification.  It has taught me to take better care of all of me.  I am working everyday to be mindful and present in all situations.

I was really dreading going to the dentist for a crown replacement and god knows what else they would find.  I was worried about the pain, I was worried about the cost and I was worried about having a ROOT CANAL!  My fear of the unknown, I’ve learned, throws  me into an aggressive and somewhat antisocial person.   I wasn’t confident that the dentist knew what he was doing or would maybe do more to me than was necessary.  Dr. Price came in and kinda just started “getting to work”.  This got my old patterns of fear and judgmental behavior going.  “So, what are we doing to me exactly?” I asked.  And he explained…and I was still fearful and judgmental.  I decided to stop my old patterns right then and there and ask some questions.  I said I was filled with a little anxiety(understatement) and “what exactly is a root canal anyway??”  I realized I was in this negative place and saw an opportunity to heal myself.  I softened and leaned into him, eye to eye and really listened…He leaned into me and really showed me he cared about me,  and that I was safe.  All of a sudden this veil was lifted.  Until you step back and see your comfort habits or triggers for handling stress , you can’t change them.  It is a moment by moment of self examination.  My 40 year old habits of fear and judgement were floating away.  He offered me laughing gas…I said “is it FREE??” …and it was.  I asked what it does, he explained I’d feel as relaxed as having a glass of wine or 2.  I realized, I don’t drink enough wine…I felt great!!  My body relaxed and I knew I was in the hands of someone that loved me.  He could have pulled every tooth from my head and it would have been fine.  I needed to be seen and heard.   I had just broken through a big limiting factor in my life and you know where that power came from?  Eating Real whole foods!  I have noticed over this past year, that my hunger to be authentic and open to change, applying the tools to change and being genuinely happy have stemmed from my change in eating habits and food choices.  Of course, my Transformational Nutrition Course has changed me profoundly and set me on the course to help others change their directions, too.