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This past weekend I decided to stop by Punks because, well, the patio was just filled with good looking people.  Now, when I educate my clients on how to follow Paleo to the T, it’s basically using the same template over and over.  When you look at your plate, you want to see Meat, Vegetable and a healthy Fat source…Thats it, period.

So here is what I like at Punks… And you will be happy to know you can pull off Paleo!

  • I loved hearing that the fish is Wild Caught, off the Louisiana/Houston Coast.  The meats are locally sourced and all natural.  You eat what you are…Happy and Healthy.
  • No bread comes to the table!
  • I loved the Pickled Gulf Shrimp with jalapeño, fennel and cauliflower.  You can get this as an appetizer or main meal, just add extra veggies. Pictured.


  • The Deviled Eggs were great, but to few and very expensive.
  • The Meat loaf was good and served clean.  It is pretty filling and big enough for a man, so ladies, eat until you’re full but  shoot for just half.  AND switch out the sides for Collard Greens, it’s really the only side dish option.  I  suggest these will accompany all of the recommended entrees.  Your fat will be here, also, since the Collards are cooked with Ham Hocks…YUM!
  • Heirloom Tomato Salad is another good appetizer or side dish.  Again, your fat is here in the form of vinaigrette.
  • Back Yard Pork Chops(NO Johnny Cakes), Red Fish(replace the side) and Ice Cold Oysters,  are all Civilized options.


On an end note, I took one for my team.  I tried the the Buttermilk Fried Chicken, the Johnny Cakes, the Biscuits and the Punks Sauce and, Meh…You’re not missing much.

The Kids Meal is pretty cool.  It comes on a Bento like tray with veggies and fruit all compartmentalized, super cute!!

Only compliant is that there aren’t more vegetable options…Beans and Corn, NO!

photo courtesy of Punks

5212 Morningside
Houston, TX 77005


My Big Fat Ketogenic Diet

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I’ve been eating a LOW Carbohydrate, HIGH Fat, Moderate Protein Paleo diet these days, its called Nutritional Ketosis.  This is day 49.  At first I was seeing amazing results…Like OMG!!  I get to eat all these Full Fat foods and I’m killing it on the scale!  AND, I have zero cravings…finally, Nirvana!  My skin feels tighter, I see more definition around my muscles, not sure I can get any more energized, and a can tell the difference between mind hunger and belly hunger.

Restrictive diets have never worked for me (or most people for that matter).  When I say restrictive I mean calorie deficit, not  not eating foods that are “bad” or not aloud on “whatever” diet you’re following.  Being full on rich whole foods is very liberating. You aren’t watching the clock to feed or yawning into your key board.   Jimmy Moore said in a recent podcast that, “High fat diets lead to mood stabilization and brain clarity”.  It’s so true and amazing how energy in the brain is such a powerful driver in your day to day, not blood sugar from carbohydrates as once believed.  The book that got me going in this direction is Keto Clarity by Jimmy Moore.  Cholesterol Clarity  is another nutritional game changer.

So…then I read a book that says “add back in carbs” every 7ish days or 21 days if you are metabolically challenged, it’s called The Carb Nite Solution And even though I felt like “ya know, I don’t really want to” (stray from my Keto Diet) I did it any way.  ” If it ain’t broke don’t fix it”  did not go off in my head, and  my Carb Nite did not go well.  It opened up a crap storm of cravings, reminiscent of my binge eating in the past.  But!  I did learn a great deal about my body and the roll carbohydrates play in the way that I feel, and look on a daily basis.  For example, processed Carbo-HYDRATES cause your body to store fluids, like 1 part carb to 3 parts water!  You begin to see yourself as fatter(over night).  Your blood sugar and Insulin levels are all over the board, so you CRAVE more of the same.   It is a constant battle between  your brain, your hormones and your mouth!   I think I will take Bacon, fried in butter, on top of a grass fed burger patty, covered in guacamole with Brussels spouts stir fried in the bacon grease, thank you very much!

So back I go to strict Keto, but then here comes an event I need to attend…= Booze.  Okay ,No problem, back on track the next day. I got this…after all this is a “lifestyle”  NOT a diet.   Several days later, another Carb diversion..UGH!  Is this my life now…one phobia for another?

So days, days, days, go by and I’m doing great, but then I was finding it hard to keep my menu low protein.  I learned that protein in excess of 120gram a day turns to blood sugar through a process called Gluconeogenesis..Yikes!!!  So now my dilemma is adding back in diary (butter, for example, is all fat, no carbs, no protein) to my other wise dairy free life.  And, again, I don’t want to!  I know for me, and 75% of the population,  have issue with diary in one form or another.  What do I mean by issue?  Gas, bloating, burping, indigestion, cramping, skin irritation, IBS, etc,… the list goes on and on.  Besides the cave man not eating dairy, dairy keeps you bloated, it makes you fat and keeps you craving more of the same.

So, I did add Grass fed butter into my menu, no problem, and that was yummo!  Okay, maybe a hard cheese…and I find one that was high fat and low protein(which is hard to find), perfect! (I feel guilt and shame.)  Then Cream cheese, oh my god this is sacrilege!   The cream cheese is  just gross to me now, so that only lasted 1 day.  Heavy Cream?  Sour Cream?  These could be a possibilities, because neither contain lactose(sugar) or casein(which I’ve learned is just as destructive as gluten if you have issue).  Well, my body must have been out on a smoke break as the dairy brigaded made its way through, so it was relatively undetected.  Day two?  Not so much…It was like A scene from Bridesmaids!  Colon gurgling, the color draining from my face , and sheer panic as I determined my nearest exit strategy…It was almost “happening!”  So, I’m going to keep the grass fed butter, ditch the others and embrace my Primal(Paleo that says yes to dairy)/Whole food label and just monitor my self for changes in how I look, feel, and perform.



Typical lunch togo:  Organic Chicken thigh, skin on bone in.  2 slice Bacon.   11/2 cup Veg.  2 pats Kerry Gold Butter with garlic and chives.  1 Avocado.  2 tbsp Organic Salsa.  Eating a meal this big may only be one of two meals, not three.

Stay tuned as my Keto ups and downs continue.  It is definitely a pleasurable eating journey.

Here is a great podacst featuring Jimmy Moore.  I find myself chasing all podcasts  featuring Jimmy Moore, talking about Nutritional Ketosis and his book.  Every different episode I find a new “Ah Ha” moment.


Eleven XI Gets 12 Stars for Paleo Made Easy

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What I want you to remember is that when ever you eat out, you are looking on the menu for  #1. your meat options, #2. vegetable options and #3. healthy fat options(hfo).  It might not be a single entree, but a collection of small plates.  Lets dig in!

First of all, it’s been a week since this meal and I CAN NOT stop thinking about how amazing the food was and how easy Chef  Kevin made it to stay true to ALL dietary convictions.

Starting with the appetizers:

Beef Tartare with two fried quail eggs was exceptional.  It comes with fries and toast points…that would be a No!  But if you want to make a meal out of it, substitute vegetable and EVOO to drizzle.


Halibut Cheek Heirloom tomato pico was absolute heaven.  It was a nice size  portion for sharing.  It was lightly breaded, so if going gluten free, beware, because it doesn’t say on the menu…So Always Ask!



Grilled Oysters, Akaushi(Japanese Wagu beef) Meat Balls, Steamed Mussels and XI RAW are all fine choice’s and I’m sure delicious.

On the Light Side, the 11:11 Salad is fine, No Goat cheese.  Seafood Salad is fine, No Bread.  Steak Pailllard Salad is fine, No Yukon Potato’s or Gorgonzola Cheese dressing.  Opt for a cleaner vinaigrette.  No! to the Smoked Tomato soup, it has diary.  And, if you care enough to give the very best.. NO Pozole,  it has corn.

Ok, now for the moment I’ve been waiting for, the Main Dish!

I had the Texas “turducken”, and oh my god, it has ruined me for all other state turduckens!  Braised pork shank stuffed with Jalapeño, wrapped in bacon and stuffed inside a deboned Texas Quail..I’m weak.  Now, it is  “Flash fried” which means that Texas bird was only in the oil for a New York minute.  I deleted the heirloom tomato cream corn (double whammy) and substituted a side of grilled veggies.  Perfection!


My oh so willing “Primal”(includes dairy in his diet) companion had the Stuffed Redfish Filet..Fabulous!   Just be aware there is cream in the stuffing mix!

IMG_1497Most of the rest of the main dishes are good to go, it’s usually the side dish that is the bad guy.  Filet Mignon is great but  you can make a better choice than the green beans and mushroom salad, especially if getting full and staying full with out the discomfort is your goal.  Grilled asparagus, grilled Vegetables are great and filling.  Also, what I love is all the great add ons for some additional bucks, Duck eggs, bacon, shrimp, crab meat, the list goes on.

Being a chef driven, seasonally and locally sourced menu, 11:11 will be changing its menu as it officially becomes Fall.  On the chance that Turducken doesn’t make the cut, you better run, don’t walk!! your Paleo foodie butts to 11:11 ASAP.

On an end note, our super knowledgable waiter josh assured us that you are never “locked into” a meal as is and that the chef has been known to create dishes on the fly, to accommodate special needs diets.

There is a restaurant or two that touts they are Paleo, when all they are doing is “Paleoizing” junk and creating boring “healthy” dishes.  Chef Kevin doesn’t talk about it, he IS about it.   His fresh and creative meals are amazing!

713-529-5881   607 W.Gray



Escalante’s, Soooo Paleo!

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Hands down, my favorite Tex-Mex restaurant.  If I do want to be good, or I don’t want to be good, Escalante’s has it all!

Remember!   What ever restaurant you go into, you want to look at the menu for your Meat, Vegetables and Healthy Fat Options(HFO).  The cleaner your food the better…no sauces, no fried.

Lets dig in.

Entremes/Appetizers: The Escaviche, and thats really all I have to say about that!  The Table side Guacamole will be a great accompaniment to any of your meals(your HFO).  And it goes with out saying, I hope, that you do a big smack down to the basket of chips that will come your way.

Sopas y Ensaladas: Great selection here, with out drawing to much attention to yourself.  The only “No’s” are Roasted Corn Bisque, Ensalada Cabo and Kopi’s Greek.  All others, NO Cheese, No Dressing, No Tortilla Strips.

How to Jazz up your salad?  Lots of Fresh Limes and/or EVOO(HFO).  Fresh Salsa and Guacamole(HFO). Vinegar and EVOO(HFO).  Don’t be fooled by “homemade” or “fresh-made” dressings.

Especiales de la casa: I’m going to give 1-6 the thumbs up.  BUT, the best meal on the menu is the Fajitas Relleno!  Order NO cheese in the chile and NO queso on top and 1-2 sides of grilled vegetables…Heaven!  Without all that cheese it is still so good.  People will ask what I’m eating, and order it, too!

Sorry, No Platos Tex-Mex Section, No Platos Combinados section, and Double “Hells No! to the Sunday Brunch!

The Escalantes in Highland Village is very accommodating!  Feel comfortable asking for what you want and how you want it.  Every thing is fresh and they will happily pick out what you don’t want.  If you cant help yourself with some of these yummy dishes, Please, Please, Please sub the Grilled Veggies for the beans and rice, you will not be disappointed.

As far as it goes with the booze,…NO Booze.  But, as far as which are the better drink options, a drink is a drink, enjoy it for what it is.  I always have club soda at the ready to pace myself if drinks are part of the plan.

Can’t say enough about the great service, especially in the bar.  The bar tenders know the menu inside and out and are VERY accommodating…. Or maybe, they just see me coming and go, “here we go..” :}


Don’t Drink That Juice!

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As I stand in line at Starbucks looking at all the Bad choices one can make to start their day, the juices are what fly’s out at me the most!


This particular juice, boasting its “protein power”,  is enough to make me me want to run crazy through the store ripping off the lids and pouring out all the toxic chemicals in the name of all that is “healthy and nutritious”!  First off, their are two servings in this little bottle and unless you are climbing Mount Everest as your day job, their is no way your tiny pancreas can handle the SIXTY-FOUR grams of sugar that is coming its way.  Fortunately for us, their is no added sugar :()!!!  Even if I did condone the drinking of milk as your protein source, it isn’t even organic, but, it is Flash Pasteurized..what does that even mean?

I’ve notice that in general, we are seduced by healthy phrases, “cold Pressed” , “never heated”, “raw”, “100% juice”, “gluten free”

How about 100% SUGAR!  People!!  Sugar is bad.  Fruit Sugar is Bad.  Starting your day with sugar is Bad!



Again here with the Sugar, the sub par milk(meaning, who knows where it came from) and the cheap filler, soy isolate which is GMO’d and if it wasn’t GMO they would proudly slapped that all over the bottle, because that would indicate that it was “healthy”:()

Oh!… Here is one more for you, excess Protein is broken down in the body into…wait for it.. Sugar!!!  AND then stored as fat!

So,  If you want to have a shake in the morning, and forgo the processed sugar fest, make your own Healthy Veggie Protein drink.

Make it at night so you can grab and go(you’ll feel like your at Starbs) or give yourself 10 extra minutes in the morn(if you are like me, you will make to much and have to stand there and drink before the lid can go on!)

I like this one>

2 kale leaves(equals 2 cups)

1 raw egg or hard boiled

1 small avocado

(can add Paleo Protein if you like)

water and little ice

Dash Sweet leaf Stevia or big squeeze of lime

Big dash cinnamon

I hope you found this helpful!